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Vero Destinations delivers unimaginable events in Italy.

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Vero Destinations designs unforgettable events and makes them happen. It's part of the Varisan Group, whose multi-disciplinary team is made up of experts who come from all over the world. This diversity represents the code and the added value of our professionalism, of our creativity and vision. The mix of different cultures, different creative and organisational approaches allows the entire team at Vero Destination to transform the events that our clients entrust us with into memorable successes. We run events all over Italy, interweaving the country's culture, beauty and produce into the experiences we provide. 

These emotional and unforgettable experiences are built on four basic pillars; creativity, technology, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we provide expertise and flexibility in logistics management for events such as product launches, exhibition stands, weddings, birthdays, business functions, VIP parties, and other celebrations.