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We are known for our ability to balance functionality, aesthetics and individuality. 

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Varisan offers a unique, full fit-out solution for hotels, serviced apartments, resorts, and boutique developments. We are passionate about creating captivating hospitality environments that exceed the standard and expectations of our clients. Our international experience and expertise allow us to develop and implement designs that meet the ever-increasing expectations of hotel patrons. 


We are equiped to handle fit-out solutions for new builds, renovations and conversion projects and are highly regarded for delivering exceptional concepts that meet budget and schedule requirements.

Using our Varisan® and Vero® brands, our designs exude contemporary grandeur and elegance through proportionate compositions arranged carefully to suit the functions required. We go above and beyond typical requirements with each project, embodying a unique concept crafted with consideration to its urban context, site surroundings, project brief and budget, and neighborhood demographic. 

We believe that flexibility and being able to adapt is essential in hospitality, where the needs of the hotel operator and the guest have to be balanced carefully. This symbiosis fuels the type of ultimate design experience that exceeds expectations. Through this design, the guest should embark on an effortless journey, an intuitive discovery regardless of the duration of their stay. We strive to create seamless environments for our client's guests - catering to their needs every step of the way - so they can navigate and move intuitively throughout the spaces. At the same time, we like to incorporate expected discoveries for guests to enjoy their visit. 


We feel privileged to be able to design, produce and deliver total solutions for various high-end hospitality companies and hotel brands all over the world. 

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