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Vero Shield

In light of the global pandemic, the Varisan Team has been working with our clients, operators, and suppliers worldwide. We’ve spent a lot of time mapping out the impact on upscale properties - residential and commercial, and investigating changing behaviours and expectations in those environments. This process has been research-based and collaborative.

The result is Vero Shield - a solution for the times we live in and for the future, one that brings together luxury products that promote the new aesthetic of cleanliness. With a focus on health and wellbeing and an eye to a more resilient future, our team create bespoke solutions that work for the new normal. This solution means that The Varisan Group is at the forefront providing clients with health-conscious products and environmental solutions that deliver cleanliness and safety during the pandemic and looks to the future, post-pandemic world.

The global pandemic will continue to change people’s standards of cleanliness within the environments they inhabit. Health, cleanliness and hygiene are now integral components within the home, apartment, workplace and hospitality settings. We work with collaborators to bring together the very best luxury and anti-bacterial FF&E and OS&E items, from soft furnishings, kitchen and bathroom surfaces to furniture pieces.

At Home

Homes are sanctuaries, and COVID-19 has seen our kitchens, bathtubs and armchairs remind us of their importance in giving us balance and creating space for families, loved ones and friends to come together.

Our approach is holistic and very much around designing forever homes that look to the future to ensure the space work now and in twenty years. We place importance on every environment within a home to create spaces that can accommodate anything life throws — including a pandemic.

Away from home

As travel resumes worldwide, knowing a hotel room is clean is no longer enough: knowing it is continuously cleaned, sanitised, disinfected and connected to medical services is the new expectation. Our Vero Shield solution means that our clients can "navigate the now," plan for the recovery, and shape the future.

Vero Shield brings together scientifically-backed products that promote wellness. These products, and the experts behind them, create luxurious environments that seamlessly meet the new expectations of cleanliness.

Our Solution features:

  • Advanced HVAC Systems with patented air purification technology that creates a fresh, sanitised environment free of viruses, mould and bacteria.

  • A state-of-the-art mattress dynamically balances and renders the sleeping body "weightless" through a patented Pressure Balance System.

  • Intelligent textile technology is added to our fabrics during the final stages of the manufacturing process to render the material anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Curtains, upholstery, cushions and bedding can be treated without impacting quality.

  • A proprietary, patented app that features a 24X7 remote medical alert and emergency response system that delivers telemedicine, online pharmacy, diagnostics and emergency response services to create a wholly contactless and remote delivery health and care solution.

  • White noise generators that reduce the disturbance of jarring sounds and diminish ongoing sounds such as heating/air conditioning systems.

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